Our Awesome Clients

I was starting my very first blog and lifestyle Instagram and I just felt overwhelmed. I did not know where to start and was worried I didn’t have the right tools. Dani assured me I was capable of creating great content and directed me to the perfect tools to do so! She got me connected to a local photographer, helped me create my website, and introduced me to great apps to be able to help me plan and edit posts. She consulted me in areas I needed work on and did it with so much grace! Definitely will continue working with her! 

— Krystal Gonzalez, Krystal and the City

Girl Blossom has helped me in so many ways, starting with just the mere fact that they got me out of my house and out the door to meet other empowered women. Being surrounded by so many great minds helps us feed off each other. There's always something one woman knows that the rest of us didn't, or vice versa. We all learn from each other. Through Girl Blossom, I was able to meet other strong women who helped me understand that we really aren't the only ones out there in the struggle and that we have friends and resources out there! We just need to get out there and meet them.

Jessica Gil, Satnin Polish

Fear is the enemy of your dreams. It steals the fun! So when I decided to close my eyes and trust God and go for it, He sent me Danielle. My business needed to be revamped and that's exactly what she did. From assisting me on developing a clear business idea, to building my entire website, to designing what is currently my official logo.  Danielle works along side you, and it is her patience and sense of urgency which gained my trust. I might be Imani Creative, but Dani made it real.

Julissa Rivera, Imani Creative

Working with Dani is the best. She listens, puts her feedback when needed and her work is always on time, pristine and just what I asked for. She is extremely professional, she follows up and everything is done with a great positive attitude.

— Juliana Cardona, Girl Gang Wraps