liz castro

Hi, I’m Liz! I am married to my amazing husband Ray.  We met and married in New York City and now we live in sweet Miami. I am a TV lover, pen collector, snail mailer, Latina, Christian fully in love with all things beautiful. During College, I travelled the world and met people and experienced things I never wanted to forget so I started taking photos to capture those moments. No project is too small or too large for me to work on. Whether its your wedding, family portraits or a quote for your new nursery, I'd love to hear about it! My goal is to make sure you get the best experience possible whether you come to me for photography or calligraphy. I want you to look back and remember the love in that day.

jessica vilchez

Hey! Hey! My name is Jessica but most people call me Jess. I’m a goofball most of the time and have found that channeling my inner dorkiness is the best way to counter my shyness. I began photographing in 2012 as a part-time hobby and quickly found my life’s purpose in photography—specifically for couples. Getting ready and first looks are some of my favorite moments to capture. A huge pet peeve of mine is having unread notifications on my phone. So if you shoot me an email or a text, it won’t be long until you hear back. WINK, WINK!

ivanna vidal

Hi! My name is Ivanna. I am a passionate natural light portrait photographer known for infusing beautiful lighting and a little magic. I'm also a planner, engineer, designer, fashionista, counselor, psychologist and sometimes a comedian! This is all for the sole purpose to capture excellent images that dazzle viewers and steal the hearts of my clients. I love the ability to give my clients something priceless… their memories and moments transformed into art that they can treasure forever. My wish is to fill your home with your special memories, because let’s be honest… is there anything better then walking around with a cup of coffee and taking a trip down memory lane?!

ak cespedes

ak cespedes was born in Lima, Peru in 1975.  Her early life was all about taking pictures and traveling with her family.  Her parents instilled these two passions in her and since then she hasn't stopped. In 2013, she quit her full time job as a television production manager and let go of her 20 year career in the TV industry. She took off to visit Italy for a month, meeting up with her parents to end the summer touring Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary. One year later, ak's work was featured in the July Miami Mixer event which took place at the Eleazar Delgado Studio in Downtown Miami; the Photography Biennale at Vargas Gallery in Pembroke PInes, FL; the Art Fallout in Girls' Club in Ft. Lauderdale, FL; also featured by Marcano/Maldonado Studios during Art Basel; and the Snap to Grid exhibit at LACDA in Los Angeles, CA. She has also donated to art auctions and volunteered as photo editor for various events benefiting Miami Rescue Mission.


A Miami based architectural / designer, is a creative with the objective to explore. Jeanne’s approach is heavily influenced by her architectural education and the process based method of design. The imprint of experimentation, repetition and reiteration crafts the narrative and is key to her practice. As a photographer, Jeanne works to capture singular moments through her particular lens. A natural documenter, keeping diaries and sketchbooks since childhood, photography has become another way to add to her memories museum. A pro at keeping her hands busy, Jeanne is constantly trying new methods to create a story. If asked what her favorite activity is, she would respond, “learning.” 

hailey garrett

My name is Hailey; I specialize in commercial and portrait photography. However I enjoy experimenting in all types of photography! My passion for photography started out at a young age and was always enthusiastic to have my camera a part of my life. Everyone knew me to have a camera in my hand at all times. I knew from a young age that photography will always be a part of my life and I am extremely glad that I am pursuing it as a profession! With Portrait photography the ability to capture a beautiful portrait of someone definitely keeps me going. It was only until I started my education at the Arts Institute of Fort Lauderdale that I had fallen in love with commercial photography. I love doing the set up and controlling the light.


Yesi flores

My Name is Yesi Flores. I am a photographer/adventurer living in Miami, Fl, but ready to travel the world. I'm passionate about editorial/lifestyle/fashion photography. I am married to the most talented person- Andy Ryan Flores, who encourages me everyday, makes me laugh, and makes me a better person.