Personal Health

Cristina Mazarredo

Cristina Mazarredo is a personal health coach that can literally help you reach all sorts of healthy goal dreams! If you want to get physically/mentally healthy, THIS IS YOUR GIRL!

dani gelley

Tailoring M I N D ➕ B O D Y connection! Comprehensive certified pilates instructor.

Steph unmasked

My passion for fitness comes from a much greater sense than just aesthetics. Aside from the endless health benefits, correctly feeding and training your body will consequently nourish and strengthen your MIND. Without a doubt, a strong and healthy mind will project boundless amounts of confidence in EVERY single aspect of your life. I sincerely believe everyone deserves to feel this way and it is my mission to use my vast knowledge about fitness and nutrition to teach everyone who wants to tackle this journey once and for all. 

Buddha Swag

We customize holistic ritual packages for the busy professional woman by bringing five star Spa and Wellness experiences to you!

Melinda Turner Young

Her mission is to help women to create the bodies, bank accounts and lives of their dreams so they can live the best and fullest life possible. Melinda empowers women to create their ideal lifestyles by inspiring them to focus on all aspects of their lives from establishing simple life-changing habits, to having time and financial freedom, to living a purpose driven life.

The Tarot Queen

The Tarot Queen, born and raised in Miami FL, pero mostly in Hialeah girl. Coming from a super latin household, I have that Hispanic magick that is infused with a strong intuition. I use my bruja powers to tune in Archangel Gabriel for divine guidance during tarot sessions. I know my life's purpose is to help everyone on their journey using the tarot and a little bruja magick. 


sugarlime wax

Sugarlime Wax & Sugaring Studio is a full-service wax salon dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service, quality products, and furnishing an enjoyable atmosphere at an acceptable and fair price.