Lucha Latina

The mission of Lucha Latina, Inc. is to empower young Latinas across the United States from all walks of life, regardless of income levels and socio-economic backgrounds in order to help them achieve their academic, professional, and personal goals. Lucha Latina Inc. aims to serve as a resource by providing financial aid, mentorship/guidance, networking opportunities, and potential career placements.

Project Babe

Project Babe is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on healing, educating and empowering survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. Founded in Miami, Project Babe is determined to make it possible for women to speak on their experiences, share their stories and heal together. We hope to share conversations, raise awareness and connect with women all over the world. 

Poderosa is HER power

Poderosa is Her Power is a 501.c.3 pending non-for-profit corporation founded in 2017 to support survivors of gender-based violence and empower local communities to break the cycles of abuse. Currently, Poderosa is Her Power is a volunteer-run organization with a total of 7 volunteer staff supporting its projects.

Angel watching over me

AWOM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation founded by Sarah Akiba, 24 year old, entrepreneur, wardrobe stylist and fashion designer from Miami, FL who lost her father to lung cancer in 2013. She started this foundation in order to help fund other nonprofits and unite all people who have lost an "Angel." AWOM, an acronym for Angel Watching Over Me, derived from a social media trend of #angelwatchingoverme where other victims began telling their stories about their "angels." This inspired Sarah to combine her love for fashion and giving back to raise awareness and support the victims and families left behind by a loving friend, family, or any other important person in their life. Not only for those who have lost someone, but AWOM also helps other organizations and foundations and serves as their “ Earth Angel” by donating and volunteering.

Style Saves

Founded in 2011, style saves began with the idea to unite fashion with philanthropy. Combining a talented, diverse community with a shared love for humanitarianism, the organization aimed at inspiring a fresh generation of movers and shakers. 

The Women’s Fund Miami-Dade

Over 25 years, The Women’s Fund Miami-Dade has worked to improve the lives of women and girls by providing almost $4 million of funding to support almost 500 programs serving over 75,000 women and girls throughout Miami-Dade County. Moving forward, we will focus on creating change for women and girls through action, advocacy, and investing in key collaborative initiatives that generate sustainable impact in four pillars of economic mobility, leadership, health & well-being, and freedom from violence.