Graphic Design


DYMIN Design is a modern graphic design firm that utilizes the principle of  minimalism rather than using it as a trendy style of design. By removing the unnecessary and keeping only the essential elements of design in defense to function, DYMIN Design creates meaningful work that focuses on content clarity, manageable user interface, and most importantly brand awareness.


Designing conscious content in a city where the superficial reigns supreme is an uphill battle, yet D’ana’s creations truly resonate. Her ability to design and create lessen the anxiety from her rough upbringing, driving her to keep a childlike playfulness in her stories. A digital artist and content creator, she creates forward-thinking brand experiences that speak deeply but stay playful.


You literally have to follow her to know more about her. This magical lady blows my mind each time I visit her website. Content curator, photographer, designer: Herspawn is inspiring us to be more in touch with our creativity through her creative direction.

Lizzie Suarez

A Miami, FL based artist. Goal of work is to catch the viewer's eye and inspire them to create something of their own, whatever the medium may be. All kinds of art inspires her, although mainly expressed through digital art, design and illustration. 

Kathleen Reyes

A Colombian, South Florida based illustrator.  Studied at Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota Florida, and graduated May 12, 2016 with a BFA in Illustration.

Tremendo Design Company

Founded in 2016 in Miami, Florida. We specialize in logos, branding, print design, and web design. Our portfolio boasts a wide clientele: from fitness and health professionals to nonprofit organizations and sex therapists, we work closely with clients to ensure that the vision they bring to their brand is one we create together.

Scribble Pie

A passion for Art Direction, Graphic & Product Design. Brings client's vision to life and creates memorable experiences. 

Samantha hurtado

Interdisciplinary artist living in south florida. Primarily interested in illustration, branding, and editorial/print design.

Nathalie Mitzka

Creating vibrant, colorful and illustrative designs. Specializing in signage, logo design, print design and illustration. 

Reyna noriega

Multifaceted, multi-cultured, Reyna brings her love for diversity into everything she does. Beginning as a writer, she had a knack for weaving compelling stories at a young age, garnering the notice of her teachers, the Scholastic writing awards, and the audience of her ever growing love, entrepreneurship and lifestyle blog. She has written for YesJulz, Thought Catalogue, Cynical Magazine, and published her first book in June of 2017.

Elina diaz

In-house designer & illustrator. Click below to learn more.

motion mami

Motion Mami is a creative design agency that specializes in animation and motion graphics. We create, direct and produce video content for a carefully-chosen list of clients who want to change the way we see the world. We believe that everything we put in the world is a statement of our style. We work hard to collaborate with the very best talent in the industry to make meaningful and creative work for a select list of brands.


Andrea Cáceres

Illustrator of all things fluffy!