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Hi ladies! We wanted to share the very first Girl Blossom interview EVER!  

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to sit with the incredible @luchalatina team to discuss the birth of #GirlBlossom and the inspiration behind it! This week they're spotlighting our Founder @super.nova.dani. Check out their page to see all the kick butt #luchadores who are taking a stand and making a difference!

Check out the full interview details below the video.

Confidence. Community. Justice.

Those are the three words that popped into her head when asked what drove her to be as passionate as she is about the things that matter to her. So who is she? Her name is Danielle Bassett . She is 26 years old and currently works within Telemundo Network’s sports department.

“I don’t think I’ve ever spoken so passionately about something before,” she said. “This idea started a month and a half ago,” she said laughing in disbelief.

Bassett is the founder and creator of Girl Blossom Inc., “created to give women, in desperate need of a grown-up girls club, the space they need to flourish,” according to her official website. The space is meant for women who mostly work remotely and simply cannot find a comfortable spot to concentrate and let their ideas blossom. Although the exact location for the space is still to be announced, it will be based in Miami, Florida, and it is projected to open next year, Spring 2018.

“We’re not running an anti-man campaign but it's really a space where you can feel more comfortable when you're in the process of figuring things out,” Bassett said. Women are so creative in so many ways and men tend to be more logical and often may shut such ideas down, she said.

Bassett continued to share her personal experiences at her current work space, “I’ll be surrounded by a group of men and I’ll say something and sometimes I’m ignored,” she expressed. “And although I don’t think they do it with malice, its almost like, ‘I’m here! I’m talking to you guys! I have something to say!’ So I just started thinking about how many other women do feel like that…”

The moment that the idea sparked, Danielle Bassett called her husband on the phone on her way back home from work.

Bassett hasn’t told her immediate family because she was afraid they wouldn’t understand. That the pressure that comes with having a stable, full-time job that pays the bills, would be the main reasoning behind their concern. It will be a full-on surprise. Once Girl Blossom officially launches and they are able to see the idea up-and-running, she will finally reveal her secret.

She did tell her grandfather however, who started crying and told her what an amazing idea it was. “It was an amazing moment. I started crying. I was a hot mess,” she said.

Danielle Bassett believes that “everyone is destined to blossom.”

“My purpose is people and my purpose is women, obviously. I believe that I was put here to not only learn from myself but to teach other women that it's about community; it's about leaning on each other, because that's all we have. Each other. It's not about tearing each other down. It’s about building each other up.”