Movement Monday - Isabella Silverio

Every Monday Girl Blossom will highlight some of our favorite ladies that inspire us every day. These ladies are active members of our local community and amazing at empowering and supporting the community of women that drives this city. 

Today we present our girl, Isabelle aka @GuavaEmpowerment 

guava empowerment.jpeg

She’s the CEO and Lead Consultant of Guava Empowerment. To maintain that badass leadership motivation she likes to, “eat the frog" which means to get the most daunting task over with in the beginning of the day. Once she eats it, she’s motivated to do more considering she’s already overcome the greatest challenge of the day 🐸😉 💪🏽👊🏽

After yesterday’s self-care sesh, we wondered what self-care meant to her.

“Girllll, it means to stick up for yourself. Go with your gut feeling. If you feel that you're spread too thin, you 💯 are. Bath and face masks are great but there's nothing like setting your own expectations and handling stress your own way.”

We loved this and we love to hear all the different self-care tactics out there. #CANTPOURFROMANEMPTYCUP☕️

From a very young age, she always knew she wanted to own something 😊️ “Initially it was going to be a dog sanctuary cafe (still 100% happening)!” We are totally rooting for this! 

A woman after our own hearts, she’s filled with many and incredible talents. If she weren’t on this incredible #guavagirl path, she’d be pursuing creative work with a dynamic inspiring group of people. “Art teacher? Photographer? I imagine my career path will be windy and unpredictable.” 

She is a superstar and we can’t wait to see her life + business blossom even more! 😉Check out her AMAZING website. Full of amazing goodies for all of you entrepreneurs out there!