If there’s one little detail you should know, Danielle and I don’t forget our PROUD Latina heritage. We were both born in Miami but grew up in Spanish speaking households. Noche Buena > Christmas Day. Living in Miami you would think that finding similar communities would be easy, no? It's not until recently that Miami has been thriving as the melting pot city that it is currently known for. It warms our hearts seeing all these fabulous Latinos doing big things! As D and I grow Girl Blossom, we want to highlight the people that are inspiring us to keep being US and motivating the hustle (which can be exhausting, let’s be real). So let’s give a warm welcome to the Latinas of VIVA LA BONITA.

Viva La Bonita is a lifestyle and apparel brand that is inspired by the spirit of women who are FEARLESS. We can obviously relate to their message and passion to support and motivate fellow Latina women. They are so unapologetically themselves which is something D & I admire so much. Their aesthetic, sense of humor and wit is what really draws us to their shop. Click on the pictures to check out their shop and support small buissness founded and ran by WOMEN. 

On the subject of being a supportive sisterhood: 

If you feel so inclined, please continue to spread the word about Puerto Rico and Mexico. If you’re in Miami and have the means, donate to your local drives which are currently collecting food, toiletries, clothes, or money.


Our love goes out to all fellow Latinos

who have been affected by the recent natural disasters.