The Queen


Where do we begin with the influence this QUEEN has had on our lives? Since we were children, Queen Latifah has been a feminist influence in our lives. She has picked her tv + film roles carefully. From playing a jail warden to hosting her own daytime talk show and MCing for YEARS, she has done it all. 

She started in hip-hop and helped change the game and called out the issues within the music industry. As she made her way into acting she has been nominated for basically any award you can think of! Bessie, Chicago, Life Support, YOU NAME IT THERE'S A NOMINATION FOR HER.

She is a recipient of a Grammy Award, with six nominations, a Golden Globe Award, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, with two nominations, two NAACP Image Awards, including thirteen nominations, one Emmy Award, with three nominations and an Academy Award nomination.

Her acting career has been monumental and influential in the black community. She had her own talk show, she has a recurring role on Star, THE FREAKING WIZ,  LIVING SINGLE. I mean, come on. 


this woman is everything. 

“U.N.I.T.Y.” is one of the most important songs in hip-hop: “[It] was extremely impactful for the genre of hip-hop to finally hear a strong voice of a positive Black woman speaking about uplifting young woman. 

In my household, Queen Latifah is a force. My mom ADORES HER. How could you not? She's managed to excel in every industry that she has been active in. She's outspoken about feminist issues. She's outspoken about feminist issues in the Black community. She partnered with CoverGirl cosmetics to create a line of cosmetics for Black women. She even looks FLAWLESS doing it (can we talk about how amazing she looks?) 


“My mother has a great deal to do with the kind of records that I made because I always wanted my mother to be able to play my records,” she said. “I would much rather have my mother’s respect than just have a bunch of money and buy her houses, but not have her respect. [I wanted] for someone to be able to mention my name and her say, ‘Oh, that’s my daughter!’ and feel proud of that.”
“I had a problem with [misogyny]. I was never the kind of person that was going to take something lying down,” she said. “And maybe that’s my father’s influence on me. I just was raised to protect myself and stand up for myself and speak my mind and be true. And even if I had to stand alone, I was to do that.”

So what did we learn here? Dana Elaine Owens is the queen our popular culture and society doesn't deserve. She has been honored and excelled in every possible aspect of her ventures.

She paved the way for all different kinds of women to literally do anything! Here at Girl Blossom we think she is an exemplary example of the kind of woman we are striving to be and grow in our community.