TGIF! Here's another peek into our Girl Blossom group chat 💬 

OK YES, WE KNOW BOTH OF THESE ITEMS ARE FROM TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SPECTRUM, but we both feel so strongly about these two items this week that we just needed to share. This Friday, I talk about an emotional memoir that I, finally finished AND Dani talks about a life-changing hair product that is changing her daily routine! ✨ 

Kenia's Finds: 

I initially heard about this book from one of my favorite YouTube creators, Estee Lalonde. I had to wait for the book to become available in the country, and I waited anxiously. WORTH THE WAIT. Paul Kalanithi’s powerful memoir recounts his life the moment after he was diagnosed with cancer in his spine and lungs. His entire life fascinated with humanity’s close encounters with death, Kalanithi pursued a career in neurology. He learns to grasp with becoming a patient as opposed to the doctor on the other end.  It's hard to even describe how reading this book makes you feel. You'll ponder the meaning of life with the author. Once I started I could not put it down. I don't want to share more because this is truly a book YOU need to experience on your own. So grab a cup of tea and get comfortable. Paul Kalanithi has a way with words that is so powerful and profound, you won't be able to forget his book. If you are at all interested in the meaning of life, philosophy, or science, pick up this book. 

I'm also going to link his op-ed that was featured in The New York Times before his book was released, so you can have a sneak peek into what his memoir is like. 

Faced with mortality, scientific knowledge can provide only an ounce of certainty: Yes, you will die. But one wants a full pound of certainty, and that is not on offer. What patients seek is not scientific knowledge doctors hide, but existential authenticity each must find on her own. Getting too deep into statistics is like trying to quench a thirst with salty water. The angst of facing mortality has no remedy in probability. (PAUL KALANITHI, NYT) 

If there's anything you guys recommend to read, feel free to share! We're open to book recommendations. 

Dani's Finds: 

After many years of consideration, I got my hair cut at the Ouidad Salon in Fort Lauderdale. Not only is the location gorg, but the service was amazing. At the end, right when I was going to pay, I always find myself being pushed into buying a product, but, LADIES... I’m so glad I did this time! This curl refresher spray is the best in the best game right now (or at least that I know of). I’ve used the Deva Curl Mist-er right and it just was not for me. It left my curls feeling gunky and heavy. It didn’t make my curls bounce as much as this Ouidad refresh spray does. I’d 100% recommend this to all my curly girls! And FYI, I use this bad boy every day! Having a curly pixie cut is easier than having long hair; and when you have the right products, it’s even better.

What are some of your favorite hair products that make you feel like you confident and beautiful?