Here we go again, y'all it's that time of the week. We hope you had a fabulous week and we hope the weekend treats you even better. We've been pretty busy here at Girl Blossom this week. Planning some things for you guys we can't quite disclose exactly what we're planning, but it's safe to say GET. EXCITED. 



Last time I caught up with my good friend Michelle she mentioned this awesome FREE app she was using to listen to audiobooks. I've dabbled in Audible but I can't justify the monthly subscription (my wallet can't handle another bill), SO when my bestie raved about this app I immediately downloaded it. Hoopla is awesome! It's not quite perfect, but there is a lot of variety available to you FOR FREE. You have e-books, movies, audiobooks, etc. All you need is a library card (which is $1!!!!) and BOOM all this content at your fingertips. I'm currently listening to Yes Please and The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F**k  . I'm so happy I was recommended this app because I'm always on the hunt for new ways to consume media. 

Shoutout to Meech! 


✨Alllllllllll the sparkles✨ Ok so Kira Kira + has been all the rage since it hit the Instagram scene a few months ago. And for a whopping $0.99 it’s make EVERYTHING SPARKLY. EVERYTHING! You have 7 different settings to choose from and you can also change the intensity of sparkle. They also just added the photo feature! It used to only be video. It’s a nice little touch when you just get your nails done or when you take a snap of a landscape. Even better, when you get that highlight poppin, think of Kira Kira!!

Don't forget to share with us apps you're currently loving! See you next week ;) 

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