Kenia's Finds: 

Hi friends! let me tell you about my friend, Wattles here.  So, this is my go-to eyeshadow for everyday/ everything/anything. I apply it with my fingers most of the time (really hygienic, I know 😬)


At touch, it is really silky and creamy. It glides on your eyelids like a dream and it blends really well, too! One of my favorite things about this shadow is the neutral pinkish color that can literally pair with anything. I’m all about neutrals + pink 🍑💕 I LOVE how easy this is to use. It's travel-friendly, affordable AF, and perfect for everyday use! This little pot lives in my makeup bag. Just dip and pat 😉



Dani's Finds: 

The Creamy Face Scrub by Frank Body has become my go-to face scrub over and over again. Ever since I found this scrub I’ve never gone back to any other ✨ The bottle is clean and easy to use. Unscrew the cap and squeeze. That’s it! You also get a really good amount in the tube. I ordered it a few months ago and I still have plenty left! Since I've started using this scrub, my face is not only smooth, but it’s so CLEAN. There is something about using coffee products that really makes you look awake! It smells good and it feels good on the face ➕➕➕ It’s not too rough either.


I would recommend this face scrub over any drugstore face scrub and any really any high-end face scrub! I know that’s a lot to say, but I’m just THAT confident in this product. I LOVE IT. Frank Body is right up there with Glossier for me. All their products are FANTASTIC 💕