Event Hosting/Planning

Creative Unions

A Creative Union is a specially curated art exhibition and marriage ceremony that brings people together to celebrate and express your love story. Whether it’s an art exhibition in a gallery, a site-specific installation, a series of performances, or event design made by artists, your Creative Union is a unique experience that expresses your love story through art. Together, we can go beyond what you ever imagined a union could be, because with art - anything is possible. You are the tastemaker.

Alice's table

Alice's Table brings women together to learn new skills, and live a social and creative lifestyle. Our goal is to be the bright spot in the modern busy woman’s life - the thing she looks forward to at home and on the town. Modern women don’t have time to be Martha, they need lifestyle delivered.  We pride ourselves on creating a one-of-a-kind Girls Night Out experience! Our Event Host program is dedicated to empowering women to build their own business through the art of flower design.

firefly event company

We are not your average event planners — in addition to throwing the most stunning weddings, social, private and corporate events, the Firefly Event Company also supports and celebrates movements for social justice. We love hosting events and working with non-profits to advance their mission through special events, by bringing together innovators, entrepreneurs, and our guests to help build initiatives and address real problems.