women in leadership

Our community is meant for leaders but embodies those who fulfill their lives with leadership as mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, friends, colleagues, business owners, managers to CEOs. We encourage development of entrepreneurship, corporate coaching and training, workshops and impactful events to create connection with like-minded and inspiring women. 

creative chicks in business

Creative Chicks in Business is a series hosted by MADSTUDIOS that happens quarterly. Women in Business and Women on the entrepreneurial journey gather from all over South. It's a time to network and get encouraged by other women who are on the journey and women who have already gone through the fire. It's our responsibility to keep each other afloat and empower each other. If you're a woman who is thinking about starting a venture or currently a boss chick in corporate America, this group is for you.

women unwined

Women unWined wants to connect the next generation of professional women in Miami. We wine and unwind about life or as we call it “unWined”. Started by Daniela Hernandez.

The Gem within

The Gem Within endeavors—through exploration of gems—placing value on faith, community, self-celebration, individuality, and creative expression, through multiple lens. A safe space to facilitate conversations, discovering and uncovering the special things within and around us as we power through this thing called LIFE. On the site, you’ll find everything, from how-to-tips, educational prose, guides and musings centered around topics like: Self-care, Spirituality, Entrepreneurship, Emotional Wealth, and Adventure. 

SFL Blog girls

A blogging community for women by women. We want to support and encourage bloggers and creatives ~ Join a community of like minded super stars!

latinas poderosas

Our goal is simple to create a community centered around Latina inspiration. We're here to connect & elevate one another.

The Mujerista

The Mujerista is an online based space that shares stories and experiences that impact, empower, and celebrate Latinas. It aims to provide our community with resources and create conversations regarding culture, career advice, finances, fashion and beauty, politics and activism, health and wellness, food, relationships… lo que sea. The Mujerista is made for and by Latinas; revealing our power, strength, and beauty through our content and community.



WE ARE BOSS MOM is the platform for working moms to thrive. A creative incubator for mothers who work, entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate employees all coming together for a common purpose—workforce development for mothers. We’re a hub of inspiration for women who are looking to dream big and make an impact. We are creating an open and inspiring place to gather, experiment, and foster connections from a wide-range of disciplines that share a common desire to drive innovation and support working families. Bridging the gap between Corporate America and the Motherhood workforce is our main mission.