Everybody's business is our business!

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Do you struggle with the first few steps of starting a business? Or how about content creation? Do you know how to get the Instagram feed just right? These are all questions we asked ourselves and had no idea who to even turn to! We had to figure a lot of these skills and technique's out the hard way! When starting a business and branding yourself, the last thing you should feel is stuck. Girl Blossom is here to help with that.

What we do:

We help you grow your business creatively. Scheduling in person meetings, allows us to get right to work by catering to the needs of your business. We will teach you how-to's on creating original content for your brand, building a quality Instagram feed, and countless other skills that take your business to the next level, all at the tips of your fingers.

Why Girl Blossom?

This may come off strong but... we love you! There's something beautiful about uplifting one another and sharing valuable knowledge. We've been in your shoes and we know how to help your business soar! Girl Blossom believes that we all have purpose, potential, and tons of untapped talents sitting within us just waiting to blossom. Total pun intended.

What's the "Little Pink Book"?

Girl Blossom's "Little Pink Book" is your go to resource guide. We have compiled all the boss ladies in our city within different industries and have created an organized directory just for you. Not only will you have these contacts at your finger tips but we've also made a list of useful apps that we find helpful and can't live without!


If I have all this knowledge, what purpose does it serve sitting in my brain? I have to share it!

— Dani Bassett


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We're for REAL!

We wouldn't buy anything online without reading a few reviews first and we don't expect you to either!